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  • Client Service Engineers: Consultation on Test Data
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  • Doble Knowledgebase: Gain Knowledge
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  • On-Site Product Training: Customized Training
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  • Intl Conference of Doble Clients: Premier Event for the Power Industry
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  • Product Support: Perpetual Warranty
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Power Transformer Services 

Diagnostic solutions from the transformer experts: Services Include; Expert consulting services, Geomagnetic disturbance risk mitigation services, Specification writing and review, Factory audits, Proposal evaluation, Design review, Independent test witnessing, Laboratory services, Forensic analysis, On-line substation survey, Condition assessment services, Advanced and routine testing and Doble Life of a Transformer™ Seminar           

Rotating Machinery Services

Improve plant reliability and enhance operational performance: On-line generator/motor assessment solutions (EMI Diagnostics testing, Partial discharge testing), Off-line generator/motor testing solutions, Additional motor tests and Laboratories Services  

Power Cable Services

On-line and off-line testing solutions: On-line PD tests at MV&HV cables, Off-line PD tests MV Power cables

Network & Substation Services

Complete diagnostic solutions: Doble Power Services offers the following; On-line partial discharge testing, Additional on-line tests, Surge Arrester testing, GIS commissioning & applied voltage testing, GIS partial discharge survey

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Corrosive Sulfur & Passivators: Information, mitigation techniques and testing; Corrosive sulfur and the effect that is has in transformer systems can be significant. The extent of the corrosion damage caused by sulfur, if left unchecked, can be so severe as to cause failure of the apparatus.  

Testing & Sampling: Laboratory testing capabilities: Dissolved Gas Analysis, Furanic Compounds In Oil, Water in Oil Analysis, Degree of Pllymerization, Oil Quality Screens, Metals-In-Oil(Wear Metals, Dissolved Metals), Polychlorinated Biphenyls(PCBs) 

Lab Seminars & Event: Condition Assessment Through Laboratory Diagnostics

Oil Committee: By becoming a member of the Doble Oil Committee, you will learn about what is going on in oil research and review the oil quality of the internationally available supply. The Oil Committee is open to all apparatus owners for a fee.   

Special Programs: Load Tap Changer (LTC) and Doble Breaker analysis Program (DBA)   

Laboratory Locations:  Answers from laboratory experts, contact one of Doble laboratories for support.

Transformer Oil Purchase Specification: Doble TOPS – Composition, Additives, PRODUCTION AND SHIPPING 

Lab Service for Rotating Machines:  Testing medium-voltage and high-voltage rotating machines; Qualification & Quality Control of Manufactured Coils, Voltage Endurance Tests, Diagnostic tests, Turn-to-Turn Insulation Tests, AC Breakdown Tests and Coil Dissections

# Equipment Rentals

Rent HV test equipment from Doble. We offer a variety of flexible, cost-effective rental options to meet your short-term test equipment needs. LEARN MORE

# Doble Resource Library

Welcome to the Doble Knowledgebase, Members with the Doble Services Agreement can access Doble’s library of apparatus test results, technical presentations and other valuable information- the most extensive collection of apparatus performance knowledge in the world, search this rich library of Client Conference technical papers, instruction manuals, test results and historical archives of email discussion group items. . LEARN MORE

# Web-Based Training

Participate in Doble’s upcoming webinar schedule to learn more about the latest electric power trends to improve operational efficiency, reduce cost and improve reliability. LEARN MORE


Power Transformers Training  Doble’s transformer design engineers, chemists and testing specialists bring experience and proven methodologies to provide you the training you need to have an immediate impact at your workplace. READ MORE

Protection Theory and Testing Courses  Protection theory and hands on relay testing courses using Doble instruments and software (Protection Suite, RTS and PowerBase). READ MORE

Laboratory Diagnostics Training Learn to identify and assess rapidly emerging transformer conditions with dissolved gas analysis, oil quality analysis and other diagnostic tools. READ MORE

Substation Equipment Training Circuit breaker, current transformer and other electrical asset theory and hands on testing courses using Doble and Vanguard instruments and software. READ MORE

Rotating Machinery Training Learn to identify and assess emerging rotating machines conditions with off-line and in-service electrical testing. READ MORE

Power Cables Training Interactive course covering the entire asset life-cycle for cables including power cable design, selection and operation and maintenance best practices. READ MORE

Asset Management Training Reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) theory and practical application training to develop maintenance strategies to improve network reliability and optimize asset life-cycle costs. READ MORE


Get empowered with the Doble Knowledge Community. READ MORE


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